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​Landlord-tenant LAW

Landlord-tenant LAW

Are you being evicted or do you need to evict a tenant? We zealously represent landlords and tenants in all aspects of the eviction process. Having an experienced and skillful lawyer at your side as a landlord or tenant can drastically increase your chance of an outcome in your favor during mediation and in court. We have also experience representing prospective tenants for denial of public or subsidized housing or for denial of private rental properties because of discrimination.

Landlord-Tenant Law

Reasonable Accommodation

Do you know as a tenant, if you have a disability, whether physical or mental, your landlord is required, in many instances, to provide you with reasonable accommodation? This is an area overlooked by many people. As a tenant with a disability, you may even request that the landlord change policies or procedures under the lease to accommodate you. In many instances, as a tenant with a disability, you may be able to have the landlord rescind an eviction notice if the violation of the lease arises out of your disability your child’s disability, or the landlord’s failure to provide you and your family with reasonable accommodation. Our law firm will aggressively defend your rights for reasonable accommodation under the American Disability Act, Fair Housing Act, and the Massachusetts Housing Bill of Rights for People with Disabilities, G.L. c. 151B.

Property Management

We have extensive experience dealing with property management. If you owe property available for rent, we pledge to restore your peace of mind by managing your property to allow you to focus on other important matters.

Our customized management packages are tailored to your needs, and aimed at increasing your rental income and minimizing your expenses. Here is a list of our packages and services:

  • Background checks and screening of potential tenants

  • Negotiations with potential tenants

  • Drafting of lease agreements and extension agreements

  • Rent collection and monthly and annual reports

  • Filing eviction lawsuits and taking other legal measures against problematic tenants

  • Emergencies and maintenance services

  • Contractors and handymen at competitive rates

  • Public Housing & Section 8 Experience.

​Landlord-tenant LAW
​Landlord-tenant LAW
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